Katy Shinton – celebrity lifestyle!

Beach Hut Festival - Skegness, Katy and unsuspecting holiday maker!

PR and Journalism unavoidably come hand in hand within most industries. I found this out during my first graduate job working as an Events manager. At the time I was dealing with both local and national media. My journalism knowledge helped me target the right people, and my PR skills helped shape the right impression and message we were trying to put out. Both sets of knowledge complemented one another to achieve a festival spread over 3 miles, and in excess of 20,000 visitors over the weekend! I was even interviewed for the local BBC radio by my journalism classmate!

I would definitely recommend this course, not only for the relentless support from lecturers, because upon graduation your skill base is overflowing with the tools to embark upon the most diverse of careers. My current job, now based in Oxfordshire, allows me and my partner to live full time in a £10million mansion, managing the weekend home of a celebrity..

My current boss overlooked my lack of experience, and instead was astounded by my great work ethic, and my ‘beautiful writing style’ during our correspondences. I have my degree to thank for that. My role is more PA based, however my journalism skills caught my employers eye due to the quality and clarity of my application and my
PR knowledge allowed me to represent myself in the best possible way.

In reply to the infamous Inbetweeners quote from Neil “Goodbye first rate education, Hello University of Lincoln”… I would have to say Really? Because I am living a pretty first class life…

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