Sophie Pepperman-Hackett

Having graduated from Lincoln University with a 2:1 in Public Relations in 2008 I stepped straight into an internal PR & Marketing executive role for DPAS, which saw me liaising with industry press, co-ordinating the company’s presence at trade shows and creating a litany of sales and advertising material. From there I joined the UK’s only British owned dental manufacturer as Marketing Co-ordinator, once again organising our presence at trade shows all over the world, art working packaging and marketing materials both B2B and B2C.

Sophie at work - can you spot her on the stand?

Having spent so much time in the dental industry and it being a huge part of my life, with my parents owning a dental practice, I decided to use my skills closer to home and work part-time for my parents as Operations & Development Manager. This meant I could not only use my marketing skills, but get involved with, and learn about HR, compliance and the financial aspects of running a business.

So presently I work two part-time roles, both within the dental industry, neither of the solely PR but involving a huge mix of marketing and organisational skills, but to top it all off, as I like to keep busy, I have started my own company within the wedding/events industry.

Sweetpea & Pearls is a wedding décor hire and styling company, which I started in May this year and have already been booked for my first wedding next year. 

So watch this space. . . If the company takes off then all of the above will change again!

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