Hop on board the pillion for Carli-Ann Smith’s PR Adventure

My PR Adventure

Well, where do I start with my adventures since leaving University!? I have to admit, I was rather upset when I left University. After having 3 years of structured lectures and tasks with set deadlines I was heading out into the big wide world to start a real job, in a real office, complete with a real boss….scary stuff. I was very excited at the same time though as I had been lucky enough to land myself a job doing exactly what I wanted, motorcycle PR.Carli gets us up to speed on seating!

Since last June I have had the chance to travel to all the World Superbike rounds and create videos for the BMW brand channel. I am extremely lucky as I have met my racing idols and travelled to Australia, America and more places in Europe than I can count. Site seeing in Moscow

I have also worked as part of the press office for Harley-Davidson UK which has been great and have enjoyed learning about the models in more depth and getting my head around the vast range of Parts and Accessories for them.

It is amazing that I have had the chance to work on such iconic brands so soon after finishing my degree, I often have to pinch myself and there are moments where I take a moment out to think about how lucky I am.

I’m not saying it was easy and there were (and still are) many occasions when friends will be organising to go out on nights out and I can’t attend. But because I enjoy my job so much and count many of colleagues as friends that it is just something that comes with the territory. a winning formula….

The past year has flown by but I am looking forward to seeing what the next year holds for me – if it is anything like this one it is going to be EPIC!

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