Theo goes ‘Above and Beyond’

Theo Roberts, clearly enjoying himself!

Theo Roberts, clearly enjoying himself!

September’s been a manic month for Theo who graduated from Lincoln with a BA(Hons) Public Relations and Marketing and is currently on an internship with Above and Beyond  who are contracted by Google to do the marketing for Google+.

He has been working with the team to create The Hangout which is an online platform for music, sport and acting talents, comedians, designers etc. The talent ranges from up and coming to world known celebs.

But it gets better… Theo is also working for Above and Beyond’s talent division, acting as a bit of an agent, putting clients up for roles and creating a new deck to send to casting directors.

Theo is absolutely loving these opportunities to pursue a career in an area he loves:

“I had a meeting with Apartment 58, a private members club for creatives, to help them set up their G+ account. They have a 5 day music festival coming up, and they were looking for someone to do the social media for the event. I offered my services, I created a proposal, and they accepted. So I’m going to be paid to do something that I know I’m good at. If this gig goes well, then hopefully it will lead to something long term.”

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