Georgia joins the PR Tribe

It is so exciting when the job is secured before you finish your studies, it takes the pressure of just a bit. But that didn’t stop Georgia Brown graduating with a first class honours degree in Public relations and Journalism this year.

Georgia, seen here with her tutor Jane Crofts and a couple of cygnets called Lin and Con, was one of the founding members of CygnetPR the student agency that is a conduit for work experience opportunities whilst at the University of Lincoln. This drive to try new things – as well has her studies and natural talent – helped Georgia secure a job with her dream agency in Norwich

“I always wanted to work at Tribe, they win so many awards for their brilliant campaigns and so when I got the chance to take up an intership with them I jumped at the chance, even though it was during the last few weeks at Lincoln. I remember attending Jane’s last lecture via Skype so I could balance the two! Then the day before I went back to Lincoln for one of my last assessments I was told that I could join the team at tribe as an account executive, I was thrilled and am sure it made my final presentation go even better.”

Georgia is now based in Norwich at TribePR   working with clients such as WREN – a not for profit company who give away tax grants to community, biodiversity and heritage projects within a 10 mile radius of a landfill site – the East of England Co-operative Society, fingerprint drug-testing company Intelligent Fingerprinting and the marketing of Tribe PR itself, including work for the agency’s charity client, the Mudeka Foundation.

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