Daisy does the double (Act)

Daisy take a well earned break

Daisy take a well earned break

Daisy Simpson, 2011 graduate, has pulled off something of a double act reunion by interviewing pop diva Kiki Dee – having previously worked as an intern at an event run by Elton John, whose first number one hit was a duet with Kiki, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” way back in 1976.

She got the opportunity when Your Local Magazine, based in Daisy’s home county of Norfolk, wanted someone to talk to Kiki Dee for their November issue. As a joint PR and journalism graduate, Daisy was the ideal interviewer.

She attended one of Kiki’s quieter and more intimate concerts, with collaborator Carmelo Luggeri, at Wingfield Barns, Suffolk and then conducted an interview that ranged through Kiki’s early career to her latest project with Carmelo.
Kiki Dee reflected on her long career and highlights that include performing at Live Aid and duetting with Elton John.

Which brings us to the other half of this famous duet. After graduating from Lincoln, Daisy responded to a tweet about interning for a day for Elton John.

So just before Halloween that year, she worked with Grey Goose for Elton John’s Winter Ball to benefit his AIDS Foundation – helping out with the extensive preparation needed for the event, including the publicity and communications. “Most excitingly,” she recalls, “ I then got to attend the event in the evening”.

Daisy, now working as PR Account Executive with Media Jems in Norwich, says “getting to an A list event for a star like Elton John was terrific but I never thought I would also get the chance to meet the co-star of his first chart topper”!



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