2014 Grads get jobs!

It has been an amazing year with everyone doing really well at securing what they wanted from their studies. London will be heaving with this year’s crop!

Lauren Farmer is thrilled with her first grad job:

“I originally applied for the role of Fundraising Coordinator at South London YMCA after seeing it advertised on Milkround. I was working part time at Lincolnshire YMCA part time as a bid writer whilst I was at university so I decided to give it a go and apply. Unfortunately they said I didn’t have enough experience to be a coordinator but offered me the role of Fundraising Officer until I had that experience.Lauren at work My role is to communicate with people in the organisation and come up with ideas for projects that will better support our customers. I then research potential funders and create a strategy for applying to them to hopefully win money to fund projects. So far I am really enjoying my role and I can’t wait until I start winning some bids and seeing that money help people.” 

Sophie Frater and Kristin Rosjo are also happy to be working.kristin 2Kristin is back home in Norway working for a telecommunications company named Vyke. She’s in charge of their social media and online activity as well as working with the marketing department to develop the companies foot hold in Norway.

Meanwhile Sophie is in London working for a small start up tech company called Wamo, who make shopping/gaming apps. The team is very small but it’s a lovely working environment.” I came across the job over Summer whilst I was crazily job hunting via indeed and a few other job websites. I fancied the role because its very varied and I’m learning a lot on the job due too it being such a small team. I had two interviews at the end of August (one skype one face to face), involving a small task to determine whether I  was suited to the role.  I started September 1st which was a bit crazy in terms of moving!”

Her role involves the responsibility of social media and SEO growth as well as a few PR aspects such as getting coverage and encouraging brands to get involved in the app’s prizes and the general design/CMS of the app. She produces weekly blogs for the company. Sophie is continuing to blog for her fashion freelance internships to keep a foot in the door within the industry.



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