It’s been a while….

Lucy Martin-Davis graduated back in 2008 with a BA (Hons) Public Relations she now works at  BD Diagnostics in Oxford Lets’s see what she has to say …

Lucy in action!

Lucy in action!

“Well it has been a busy few years since graduating in 2008. When you look back you can astound yourself at what can be achieved in such a short space of time. This is particularly the case for me. After graduating I knew exactly where I was heading and quickly set about hunting down my first step on the ladder.

 6 years on and those steps have been taken one at a time but luckily for me in quick succession. After starting as a marketing assistant I soon realized that the Healthcare market was where I wanted to be and surprising to me found my place in the most sexy of product categories; bladder volume devices (or as it was positioned at the time Medical Device Diagnostics). Whilst this was not what I had envisioned during that  first year hanging around the delph bar (yes my newer alumni, the gym used to be our main bar – the engine shed was just a short cut from town to the Architecture building), it became a role that I thrived in. The industry is one of continuous challenge and evolution and the NHS one of the most interesting markets to play in.

 This love for all things medical devices stood me in good stead as I quickly moved up in the role and after a couple of years of blood, sweat, fast and extreme learning and tears; I had found myself overseeing the more glamorous Airways portfolio (Respiratory and Surgical Solutions) on a European level. This was the job dreams were made of packed full of travel and adventure, challenges and a hugely rewarding role. However, as with all good things it was soon time to keep pressing ahead and look for a company where I could continue to grow and develop. Most recently I joined BD as the UK&I Marketing Manager for their Pre-analytical Systems Division (blood collection devices). Overseeing a team of 3, Chairing the UK&I cross business marketing forum, working with the National Sales Manager to deliver UK&I strategic direction and planning, and reporting into the NWE Director. This new role is one that with a lot of hard work, dedication and yet more continued learning, which I believe to be the key to success, will lead to more opportunity. I have worked with some incredible people and BD is such a huge organization you can quickly network and surround yourself with brilliant minds to help you along the way, so here’s hoping this is just the start of the journeyLucy MD 2

So, the takeaways from my story, keep learning, never stop it is this thirst for knowledge on a practical as well as theoretical level that will help you grow. Whilst I chose to take the Marketing route rather than the PR one my PR knowledge has really helped me enhance my comms planning. You only get one life, if you want to be successful you have to make it happen today and not tomorrow. Treat each challenge as a new opportunity and always embrace change. Walk in with a smile and it may sound cliché but the world will smile back (eventually if not at first)

 Lucy MD4What advice would I give to new graduates

  1.  Work hard – nothing comes to those that sit back and let others do it – you want to succeed you have to dedicate yourself to it – I was not exaggerating when I said blood, sweat and tears – there were many occasions when I could have given it up for a 9-5 admin job!!
  2. Believe – you really can achieve anything if you believe in yourself… literally anything
  3. Ask questions – it is basic but it has really given me the knowledge I have today of my business; there’s no such thing as a stupid question
  4. Learn – if you don’t know how to do something find out how you can learn it
  5. Smile – Whatever you do smile… I have had to interview a large number of Jnr’s / Mkt Assistants / Business Analysts etc etc – the power of a personality is consuming, so let your’s shine through”



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