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Writes Emma Wright

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Connie Brodribb, one of our successful 2013 alumni, recently landed a graduate job working in retail marketing for high street giant Marks and Spencer.


Connie worked for M&S before she left for a work experience trip to Uganda (see blog Feb 2014) but that was only a temporary position to help raise funds for her trip. However, she made some really good contacts within her team and they asked her to give them a call when she got back – proof that making important contacts can be the difference between landing your ideal job and not!

The role that she currently has is, she says, a step up from her previous one.

Connie’s work tasks can be completely different one day to the next. However, this is something that Connie enjoys. Some days she will be glued to her desk trying to whip up a presentation that will be presented to senior members of the company. In complete contrast for example, Connie was recently sent running around Oxford Circus picking up last minute items from Marks and Spencer’s flagship store for their Vogue shoot. Other days, Connie will be back in meetings.

One of her current projects involves leading the Christmas 2014 campaign (the biggest campaign M&S do every year) with her manager which she is finding very exciting.

Connie gave some very helpful advice for others who are hoping to work in a similar industry:

‘Be confident, but not arrogant. Have your end goal in sight at all times (although be prepared to deviate away from your plan at times, as life has this wonderful habit of getting in the way!) Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, that’s how most people learn, and always be yourself.

‘Qualifications and experience are important but they are not the pinnacle of everything. I always believe that if you want a job, you’ll get one. If you want to go somewhere, you’ll go there. Perseverance and commitment is key’.

Working for M&S and in retail marketing was always in Connie’s plans and she believes it will really help her to build up experience for her career portfolio.


Connie goes out of her comfort zone


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written by Emma Wright, first year PR student

We recently caught up with Connie Brodribb, one of our 2013 graduates, to hear about her recent work experience in Uganda.

Connie was based in South-Western rural Uganda, near a small town called Kanungu. In total she was out there for three months, which suited her well as she did not want to take 6-12 months out away from employment (or job hunting!). She volunteered with a company called Volunteer Uganda Ltd, an organisation recommended to her by a friend; she wanted to do something completely out of her comfort zone and Volunteer Uganda offered a great package!

Whilst in Uganda, Connie was assigned to a class in a local school called Standard Academy and was their teacher for 10 weeks. Three times a day, Monday- Friday, she taught them Maths, English and Science. Every evening she would plan the lessons for the following day which she found, understandably, tiring but incredibly rewarding. On top of her teaching, she took part in two HIV Awareness Community Days, went on a three-day safari, spent two weekends at Lake Bunyonyi, completed a 10k charity run and much more.

For Connie, the whole trip was a memorable experience. From the people, to the place, to the animals! One of her favourite memories was her first sunrise game drive on safari which she found ‘breathtakingly beautiful’.

She did however find the teaching the most rewarding and most memorable part of the trip. Whenever she would be feeling under the weather or missing home by the end of the day after teaching, she would return back to the lodge with the biggest grin on her face.

When reflecting on the experience, Connie said:

‘One thing that travelling does, is it truly broadens your horizons. I feel like I have gained a huge amount of perspective and value for the simple things in life. There is no education like it, and I would encourage all people to go travelling if they can. In addition to this, I have gained some great friends and memories. It has also made me thirsty – thirsty to see more and do more!’

Her Uganda experience sounds like it truly was an amazing experience for Connie and is certainly something she would recommend to anyone!

Since returning from Uganda, Connie has secured a graduate job at Marks and Spencer and we hope to report on how Connie’s job is going in the very near future.