KAY’S OKAY – building a career

Kay Peters, who graduated this summer, is building a career with one of the UK’s leading property developers and is already looking back at her last few months at University with different perspective.Kay Peters

With endless essays, presentations and the daunting dissertation to complete the last few months at the University of Lincoln flew by. Suddenly the worries turn into packing up that room you’ve become a little sentimental toward, moving home, results day and getting on that first rung of the career ladder. Continue reading

The work placement that came good…

One of the great things about Lincoln is the optional professional practice year at the end of the second year of studies. Chloe Mitchell took herself off to GlaxoSmithKline in Brentford for a year to work in there communications department and really learned a lot about the profession and herself. She also realised she enjoyed being part of the organisation so when it came to job hunting Chloe’s eyes turned to GSK once more. But Lincoln grads don’t do things by halves, Chloe was selected to join the GSK team in Hamburg, so this once shy and retiring undergrad now a confident and professional graduate packed up her belongings and moved to new job in a new city in a new country – did I mention she didn’t speak German either?  Anyway, let Chloe take up her story …. Continue reading

The dissertation that was just the job…

DSC_0215Emma Dewires has every reason to look happy as she has secured her first graduate job working in Lincoln for the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

As part of Emma’s final year studies in PR she undertook as dissertation around the role of PR in destination marketing with a focus on how Lincoln does it.  To help with her primary research Emma spoke to Charlotte Goy at the Chamber and made quite an impression. So much so that when Charlotte was looking for a new assistant she remembered Emma when she went along for an interview. Continue reading

Georgia joins the PR Tribe

It is so exciting when the job is secured before you finish your studies, it takes the pressure of just a bit. But that didn’t stop Georgia Brown graduating with a first class honours degree in Public relations and Journalism this year.

Georgia, seen here with her tutor Jane Crofts and a couple of cygnets called Lin and Con, was one of the founding members of CygnetPR the student agency that is a conduit for work experience opportunities whilst at the University of Lincoln. This drive to try new things – as well has her studies and natural talent – helped Georgia secure a job with her dream agency in Norwich Continue reading