During my time at Lincoln, I always felt in the minority for wanting to work in-house.

After spending an amazing work placement year in Australia working as a Comms Officer on a desalination project with a whole lot of community NIMBY and discovering the true meaning of a work/life balance, my mind was firmly made up.

Cue 2009 and armed with my degree and work experience, I made the decision to head home to the Isle of Wight. Continue reading

Suzi Baker

Suzi has some great advice for getting on in PR down under….

Firstly I would recommend to all grads studying PR or journalism to take advantage of the optional year in industry, I think if it wasn’t for this opportunity getting my career off the ground would have been much harder. When you graduate you already have a solid year of experience which employers look very fondly upon. I spent my gap year at a small boutique agency in London working across travel and fashion clients. Continue reading