Lincoln graduates David Clare and Janey Spratt get creative

Lincoln Alumni members, David Clare (graduated 2010) and Janey Spratt (graduated 2011) both now work at the international digital PR agency, 33 Digital, which is part of the Hotwire Group. Known for creative campaigns and bringing social media to the real world, they get to work on some exciting activity on a weekly basis.

Take a look at the video below and get in touch with David or Janey for any more information or tips on how to do this kind of campaign yourselves.

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Robert Haslam – experience v degree

Robert is Head of External Relations at Givey UK

While academic qualifications are important, in the world of PR it is experience which speaks for itself. Not once has a client or potential client been interested in communication models or even whether I had a degree. What they care about is ‘does this person have the expertise to get my company’s name into the media’. It is for this reason that you really can’t afford not to do a year in industry. Continue reading