Can you keep a secret? Lauren Aitken has proved she can….

I felt as if I was Britain’s biggest cynic when it came to the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I was ready to tune in and watch through my fingers as Danny Boyle portrayed Britain in a way that gave us cause to laugh at ourselves once again, whilst the rest of the world looked on bemused and unimpressed.

to the right of her sister is Lauren Aitken on her way to the world’s best kept secret

I knew that London would produce the least spectacular Ceremony yet. Whilst Bejing were more than happy to beat their chest and astound the world with their display of strength and power, London would be ‘oh-so-careful’ not to offend anyone or anything and show ourselves as everyone’s best friend. It wouldn’t be cool it would be cheesy and we would all be left red faced and cringing, wondering how they could get it so wrong and feeling unfairly represented as a nation.

I was certain that I would be able to come up with a superior spectacle within five minutes of the lighting of the cauldron.

Therefore; when my sister announced that she had been awarded tickets to the Opening Ceremony Rehearsals I found it comforting. I felt that if I could preview the thing then I would be better prepared for the embarrassment of the Friday broadcast. Continue reading