Public Sector – I LOVE IT!

Sally Rate hard at work!

There, I said it. Out and proud, I work in the public sector, and I love it. Anyway, now that is over, therapy done, I can tell you how I got here…..

Graduating in 2009, I had had my fix of public relations and wanted rid. I decided I was going to find a job back at home for a year, and spend time with friends and hang on to the student lifestyle for 12months more. And then, I would find my dream PR job, move to the City and live the dream. Continue reading

Pete Whelan

I graduated from Lincoln with a joint degree in PR and Media Communications back in the dark and murky past (or 2004 for those of you who can remember that far back!)

The course gave me a good grounding for what was to come, which included work placements with Middlesbrough Football Club’s Media and Communications team and what would now be called an internship with the Yes Campaign for a north east regional assembly. Continue reading