Hop on board the pillion for Carli-Ann Smith’s PR Adventure

My PR Adventure

Well, where do I start with my adventures since leaving University!? I have to admit, I was rather upset when I left University. After having 3 years of structured lectures and tasks with set deadlines I was heading out into the big wide world to start a real job, in a real office, complete with a real boss….scary stuff. I was very excited at the same time though as I had been lucky enough to land myself a job doing exactly what I wanted, motorcycle PR.Carli gets us up to speed on seating! Continue reading

Pete Whelan

I graduated from Lincoln with a joint degree in PR and Media Communications back in the dark and murky past (or 2004 for those of you who can remember that far back!)

The course gave me a good grounding for what was to come, which included work placements with Middlesbrough Football Club’s Media and Communications team and what would now be called an internship with the Yes Campaign for a north east regional assembly. Continue reading